Dream Big

Human body photo

Building the Vision of your ideal body shape and eating behaviour 

How you see yourself does not always reflect how you really are. Sometimes our senses don’t seem to be as reliable as the beliefs that process the data of our eyes and ears. But the image you hold of yourself can be a powerful source of inspiration and encouragement. The following method engages another potent source of assistance and it comes from the hidden depths of the subconscious.

So much of our behaviour is a product of the conditioning that resides in the unchartered territory of the subconscious and this conditioning can be engaged to further your mission of totally effective weight control. You’ll need a picture of a lean and muscled body that represents the ideal vision of how you’d really love to be. Cut out the picture and cut off the head. Don’t worry. No animals will be hurt in the implementation of this method. Next – take a photo of your face. It should be roughly in the same proportions as the recently decapitated ‘perfect body’ picture and then all you need to do is tape the picture of your head to the picture of the body.

 Congratulate Yourself for this excellent work you have done

 Welcome to your new, idealised body.

Put the picture on the door of your fridge. If it looks good, make a dozen copies and put them around your home: in the bathroom, next to your bed, by your computer. The idea is that you will stop noticing the pictures consciously but will register the images subconsciously.

The new image will become imprinted in your subconscious, which will now begin to see you in terms of this new body. You’ll find added support from your subconscious in bringing the image and reality closer and closer together. A powerful technique and a beautiful way to engage the hidden resources of the subconscious in the fulfilment of your new cause. Do it now. Find that picture and put your subconscious to work right away.

Learn the best way to Check the Limbic’s Go-Go-Go Impulse

One of the most helpful methods for checking the impulsive Go reaction of the limbic system is to learn to breathe. I know it sounds incredibly simple but you should never underestimate the power of controlled breathing.

A deeper breath than usual, combined with a moment’s retention of the breath, helps to switch on the executive function of the prefrontal cortex that can override the instant demands of the amygdala. It’s a perfect distancing mechanism in the face of a compulsive reaction to eat anything that is not appropriate to your weight control goals. All you need to do is stop and breathe deeply. This tunes out the stress response and brings you back to a calmer, more rational state. Now it’s easier for the prefrontal cortex to take over and lead you to better choices. This simple behaviour is habit forming and you will be amazed at how effective it is in calming the limbic drives that used to seek instant gratification. Breathe a little more deeply. Hold the breath for a heartbeat. Breathe out slowly. It’s an ancient method, tried and tested for thousands of years. And it really works.