Starting Off

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Be aware right now that you are not the only one with eating habit challenges!

Recognizing that there are literally millions of people around the world today, all suffering from emotionally-driven eating disorders, can help you to understand that you are definitely not alone. The widespread nature of the problem reminds us that we really can face the challenge successfully – because so many others have achieved success before us. That’s a powerful message to start any campaign and one of the first habits to cultivate in any programmer of change – it’s the unconditional expectation of success.

Recognizing the origins of the problem

Once you realise that your eating behaviours are often driven by emotional influences, you can begin to develop awareness of how you’re feeling whenever the urge to eat inappropriately emerges. Sometimes it’s an event. Sometimes it’s an individual. Sometimes it’s simply a set of circumstances. As you become aware of what triggers your eating responses, you discover one of the great keys to changing your old patterns of behavior. Awareness is an immensely powerful habit to cultivate on the road to a fitter, slimmer, healthier you.

Keeping track by keeping notes

We need to reinforce our great new habit of awareness by keeping notes of whatever it is that triggers those urges to overeat or to tuck into the worst possible food choices. Keeping notes reinforces your awareness, encourages your brain to spot the precise events that cause the problem and builds the first foundation for taking control of your life and of your future, healthier behavior .

Acknowledge those incredible eating urges

As you make notes of whatever triggers the urge to eat, it’s incredibly helpful to acknowledge the fact that you’re really feeling those urges. Too many people pretend that nothing’s happening as they reach for the candy and cookies, ignoring or excusing their feelings as they pile into the chocolate and sugary cream cakes! Go on. Admit it. Tell yourself loud and clear that you’re craving those toxic treats. Understand what’s happening. Write it down. Stop pretending that everything’s fine when the pounds keep piling on. It’s OK. Acknowledge the problem and tell yourself that you’re taking exactly the right steps to fix it.

Learn to find out why you eat like you do

Do you have a guilty preference for one bad food rather than another? List your favourite comfort foods. Write them down. Now take a few minutes every day to think about each item on the list. Write down how you feel when you think about each of those foods. What memories are triggered by those particular goodies? Write down everything you think and feel. Join the dots. Understand how one kind of food could be associated with comfort or reward. Uncover the origins of the habit.