Be Optimistic

Happiness photo

There are No negative words allowed when it comes to eating behaviour management

Only positive expressions. And keep it short and simple. If you’re happy with the idea, write it down. Right now. Keep a copy of your goal in your purse or wallet. Tape a copy to your computer screen. Put a copy on the fridge door. Put a copy next to your bed where you can see it when you wake up. This is your goal. Memorise it. Repeat it often. Absorb the message into the depths of your being! 

Learn to handle the truth and accept the Consequences

The facts of being overweight make for grim reading. Obesity today is blighting the quality of tens of millions of lives and sowing the seeds of some pretty nasty health conditions. But you know that already, don’t you? The media love to broadcast horror stories about how awful life can be for the overweight members of the community. Great! Certainly helps everyone to feel better about themselves, doesn’t it?

But do the messages of doom, gloom, disease and unhappiness help you to take positive action? Well, probably not. And why is that? Because it isn’t really personal enough. All those horror stories and dire warnings apply to someone else. That’s right. They’re awful but they’re not really about you.

So, if we want to spark a reaction that will prompt us to take action, we need to get a boost from the limbic system. And all you have to do is imagine that you are exactly the individual experiencing the horrors of those unmentionable diseases, strapped to a gurney on the way to some drastic surgery, crippled and incapacitated for the rest of your life. Not nice, I know.

But, in the presence of a particularly nasty threat, your limbic system will issue a perfectly natural panic alert and quite rightly scare the pants off you. That deliberate jolt can provide the catalyst to urge you to make the changes in your lifestyle that will keep you much healthier than the vision of doom suggested! So, under the right circumstances, the limbic system can be turned to our advantage and prompt us to make important decisions.

Set those consequences in stone

Think hard about the consequences of being overweight. How much of your life – not someone else’s life, but your life – is being degraded because of those extra pounds? Get indignant about the situation. Get fired up. Take a stand. Make a concrete decision to take control of your weight.

And every time you’re tempted to stray, remember those images, the consequences, the suffering that follows from being overweight and stay purposefully, righteously right on track. As the limbic system gets you started, the goal-oriented pre-frontal cortex can manage the day to day details of making your long-term goal a reality.