Be Proud

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Ban those negative reactions

But since we’re going to be working with the only body that Nature has given us, we need to develop a much healthier relationship and a much more positive emotional connection with the physical frame that we’re presently occupying. I’ve discussed this subject in other works and we come back to it at this juncture because it’s too important to gloss over. Unfortunately, the typically negative reactions that occur when we look in the mirror could get in the way of our programme for real improvement. And it’s no good pretending to like your body. We need to go a lot further because pretending simply won’t cut it.

One of the surprisingly effective exercises that I’ve encouraged people to use for many years, particularly when we’ve identified the need to develop a more caring and tolerant attitude towards our bodies is the Miracle Mirror Method. Like many of these techniques, it seems very simple at first but that’s because we tend to measure these activities with the limited responses of the conscious mind. The power and effectiveness of this method flow from its ability to connect to the great reservoir of power that dwells in the unconscious.

So what do we do? Well, it really couldn’t be easier. When you get up in the morning and stagger towards the bathroom, your first mission is to look in the mirror – and smile. I know. You might not be looking at your best. You might not be groomed and feeling ready to conquer the world. I understand. But that smile is the way you signal to your body that you’re really pleased to see it – even first thing in the morning when most of us probably think we look more like a sack of potatoes!

If you’ve ever smiled at a small child and seen their face light up with the warmth that flows from that simple exchange of a happy expression, you’ll understand how your body will begin to feel when you learn to smile at yourself. It’s about personal acceptance. Your body has an emotional response range that’s pretty much like that of a four year old. Scowl and show your disapproval and the child recoils and gets upset.

Your body reacts in the same way. Smile and show your love, your warmth and your heartfelt acceptance, and the results are wonderful to behold. It might take a few days of practice. You might feel silly and childish at first. That’s to be expected. After all, you’ve been scowling at your body and registering your daily disapproval for a long, long time. But there will come a moment when your body begins to understand that it is the reason you’re smiling and that’s when the game becomes really interesting.

Learn to love your body

You need the absolute co-operation of your body to fulfil your goals. Learn to love your body, to give it the warmth, the kindness and complete acceptance it deserves and it will function the way you want it to. Nobody likes to work with people who hate them. That must be obvious. So develop a loving, co-operative bond with your body. Move into the fast lane of personal transformation. And prepare to set yourself free.

Words can convey tremendously strong messages about ourselves and language is another fascinating area where we often undermine our potential for positive change. We seem conditioned to describe ourselves in the most negative terms, reinforcing the old habits of low self-esteem and this failing becomes even more of an obstacle to success when we consider the internal dialogue that we play in our minds. This constant, repetitive commentary is insidious, most often negative and severely limiting.

It’s like having your own worst enemy living right inside your head! We need to change that. We need to develop a description of ourselves that reflects our goals, a description we can repeat in our heads, a set of simple words that power you up and make you feel capable, strong and really really good. You’re going to find the words that work for you and those words are going to become your new personal power mantra.