Discipline Yourself

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Remind yourself daily that YOU can be totally capable of controlling your weight!

Everyone it seems, when it comes to controlling their weight, is looking for a simple or even a magical way to fix their weight issues.  You don’t need to go far to see the evidence for that statement.  Everywhere you look, someone is advertising a new diet, a new pill, a new exercise plan, or a new surgical procedure. But the answer was always much closer to home. The answer is within you. It’s in your own mind and in your own body. Engage your personal belief system to harness your potential for positive change.

Learn about HOW your EATING selection process works. 

The eating habits we acquired in the past profoundly affect our food choices today. Take a moment to consider your childhood or adulthood and run through those events where you can now see that your eating choices were out of control. Re-examine those choices from today’s perspective and write down five lessons you think you’ve learned from those experiences! 

Understand and recognise that Genetics are no longer the prime influence on your health and wellbeing.

We’re living in a new era. We’re the fortunate beneficiaries of the amazing discoveries in the field of Epigenetics. This mould-breaking branch of medical research now provides us with the insights, analysis, tools and strategies for permanent healthy weight loss.

What exactly is Epigenetics?

The formal description of Epigenetics from the text books refers to the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than by an alteration of the genetic code itself. That might not tell us very much but it really is an important statement! It’s no longer simply a case of identifying which particular genes you have.

We now know that it’s the way your genes are influenced and made to work that makes the difference. Gene expression accounts for so many of our characteristics. And changes in gene expression have been related to a very wide range of environmental influences and that includes – are you ready for this? – What we eat!

Yes, that’s absolutely right. The kind of food we consume every single day, the quality of the food we eat, the eating choices we make all contribute far more to our total health and well-being than was ever appreciated before. It’s not a question of being pre-programmed by our DNA. We’ve been bombarded by articles and news items for decades telling us every day that everything in our lives is caused by our genes.

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 Learn about how your bad eating habits got acquired?

We need to start with a very important question. “Why do we feel out of control?” The answers are very important to our understanding of how to introduce change to our eating habits. We feel out of control when we doubt ourselves, when we feel frustrated, when we feel vulnerable or unsafe, when we feel rebellious or angry, when we feel empty, when we feel unexpressed and, finally, when we feel unfulfilled.

When a person crosses over the threshold between using food as a source of sustenance and food as a source of comfort, each of our layers of insecurity compound and reinforce one another. That is the moment when food easily becomes a psychological support instead of a biological necessity.  Look for patterns in your behaviour.

Learn to understand food as fuel rather than as an emotional support. Ask yourself why you are choosing one particular food rather than another.