Don’t Sabotage Yourself

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Now is the time to really accept that Food Protects You from Uncomfortable Feelings

Emotional Eating serves two very effective purposes.  First, it helps you to avoid uncomfortable feelings.  The act of avoiding emotions becomes the “emotional disguise mechanism.”  This gives you a way to replace bad feelings with the pleasurable and tasty experience of eating.  This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the “taste trance.”  In short, emotional eating protects you by disguising the feelings that you don’t want to feel.

If your feelings open the door to your inner, intensely personal world, then emotional eating slams the door shut.  It keeps you functioning on a synthetic level and, although you’re feeling helpless to control what and how much you eat, at least you don’t have to think about or act on the deeper things that really make you feel helpless – and the list would include failed relationships, unsatisfying careers, and difficult children.  By eating emotionally, you get to avoid confronting all those feelings of helplessness. Now you can change this reaction. Developing this essential level of control is a powerful game changer and an effective way to confront and set aside inappropriate habits.

Don’t sabotage yourself

Many patients tell me that as they’re approaching their ideal weight they often sabotage themselves and all of their efforts.  They wonder why they do this.  It doesn’t seem to make any sense and there is no logical explanation.  In fact, you may be able to relate to that experience.  The answer, time and again, proves to be the same: if you didn’t have your weight to worry about, you might have to think about what’s really going on in your life and that’s very scary and frightening.  It’s frightening because you probably feel helpless to change the things that really bother you.  You’ve made what we call the “unconscious helpless conclusion.”  It’s a conclusion that you’re helpless over your situation and your feelings and the challenges in your life that the feelings point toward, so you eat as a displacement activity that gets you quickly out of emotional jail. Remember your vision of a happier, healthier, and trimmer new you. Read out your goals every day. Repeat your goals at least three times until you start to believe in them.  Get excited. Switch on your determination. You’re unstoppable!