Food Addictions

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Finally Learn how to tame your Food Addictions

We owe much to the pioneering behavioural scientists who have dedicated their careers to examining the underlying forces that govern human behaviour and whose work has shed light on the most effective ways for humans to take control of their lives. There are countless examples of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds rising above the limitations of their circumstances by changing their behaviour and learning to control their aggressive impulses, focusing their energy on positive activities such as learning, diligent study and developing their cognitive faculties. So we know it’s fully possible.

The same methods apply to any aspect of our behaviour that needs a little help or modification. Addictions can be tamed. Behaviours can be mastered. Make a list right now of your three most important behaviours that you would like to change. Think about the list for a few minutes. Now write down the steps you can take to change those behaviours for the better. What do you need to do? Start now. Take the first step. Take control. It feels good, doesn’t it? It’s supposed to!

Discover YOUR strategies for success

Change lies entirely in our own hands. But how do we apply this knowledge to daily activities such as our eating habits? How do we tame the impulses that flare up unexpectedly, especially when we’re stressed or under pressure, emotionally vulnerable or just craving the wrong kind of comfort? Executive function holds some of the best answers. So it’s time to open up your personal success plan and start the deeper process of personal transformation.

We’ve identified all the key ingredients for success so let’s reveal your personal strategies for totally effective weight control.

Strategies for Success:

1. Belief Systems

2. Consequences

3. Building the Vision

4. Checking the Go impulse

5. The If-Then Technique

6. Controlling the Environment

7. Support Systems

Know your belief systems

Belief Systems – We and the world that we perceive around us are very much what we believe them to be. Our belief systems exercise enormous influence over our lives and over what happens to us. All those thousands of self-help books are really trying to focus on one simple message – that your beliefs are the key to so much of what happens in your life.

That’s the message.

As soon as you realise that your beliefs are only a product of your conditioning, an extension of what you’ve been taught by your society and your culture, a reflection of whatever limitations you’ve absorbed since early childhood, you’ll understand in a flash that you really can choose the kind of beliefs that are completely in tune with your new weight control intentions. Can you lose weight? Of course you can. You only have to choose right now to join me and believe absolutely that it’s possible and you’ll start to reframe patterns in your brain that will lend themselves to your goals. Beliefs are vitally important.

If you wake up believing that you can’t do something – you’re right. Most conflicts are decided before the battle is even joined. When you wake up with the light of belief in your heart, everything begins to reflect the new possibilities. It’s one of the greatest gifts that humans possess. And now is the moment to put it into practice. Choose to believe in your power to take control of your weight.

These methods initiate change at the most profound levels of our consciousness. This a powerful and deliberate extension of the prefrontal cortex’s ability to plan and achieve goals. And despite the calming, contemplative nature of the PFC, it feels really good! So, your first task on the journey to total weight control is to decide what you want. Take a moment to think about what you intend to achieve from this programme. Now write it down.