Improving your Lifestyle

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Learning to spot your old habits is a vital component in the plan for a healthier, happier life

Here’s a list of reasons that are often offered to explain why people eat. Check each of these reasons and write down your reaction to each one – if it’s relevant – after you really ask yourself if the behaviour description applies to you

I eat because I’m ravenous.

I eat because I’m bored.

I need to eat more when I’m tired.

I turn to food when I feel lonely.

I eat more because I’m married.

I get comfort from food because I’m single

I get hungry when I’m anxious

I love to enjoy food when I feel happy

I eat when I feel pleased

I turn to food when I’m upset

I eat because I usually have to pass a bakery

I eat when I’ve had too much to drink

I eat more when I’m at a party.

I eat because my mother/friend/ mother in law, business colleague cooked and I didn’t want to disappoint them.

I want to eat as much as my husband/boyfriend.

I don’t want to deprive myself.

I eat when I feel depressed.

I was angry but felt so guilty about eating that I just said ‘To hell with the diet’, and went on to eat as much as I wanted.

I guess I have no willpower or discipline when it comes to food. I am just too weak willed to do what I need to do.

Now put each description into order, starting with the statement that strikes as most closely describing how you feel, and adding the others in order of relevance.

Write down the specific areas in your life where you feel that you have no control.

Now ask yourself – “Is there link between any of these areas and my need to eat?” Describe how you feel when you admit to yourself “I have no control.”  Remind yourself every morning that YOU really do have total control over what YOU decide to eat!

Ask yourself this question each time you feel that your eating was out of control:

“Why, after I made a commitment to myself to take control of my eating, did the urge to eat become so powerful that it overruled my conscious intent?”

Listen carefully to your answer and write it down because, whatever the reason might be, it’s never going to help you to achieve your personal weight management goals! Understand where the excuses come from, understand why you might’ve failed, renew your commitment to success every morning and remind yourself of your goal throughout the day

Success is very much a product of our habits.

We’re not aiming for perfection.

Failure is a normal part of life’s experience. Recovering from a slip is how we reach our goals! So, after eating incorrectly, take a moment to examine any conflict that might have taken place just before you made your food selection.

Why? Because in addition to the urge to eat, there was also a conflict occurring between two distinct parts of the mind, each part fighting over who was going to control that critical moment when your hand moved towards the candy, chocolates, sodas or whatever kind of toxic food might be screaming for your attention.